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Indianapolis Temple Wedding: James and Rachel


James and Rachel are two college sweethearts. They powered through all that 2020 and Covid -19 threw at them to get to their ultimate goal: being sealed for eternity in their Indianapolis Mormon Temple wedding.

The Courtship and Proposal

Rachel met James while attending BYU. They were both in the same FHE group and quickly became friends. James thought Rachel was interested in him right away…until she mentioned her boyfriend. As time passed and their friendship flourished, (and Rachel became a single woman) James and Rachel began a relationship. Over a years time they had countless date nights playing board games, dining at favorite restaurants, and spending time with friends and family. They fell in love with each other’s humor and intelligence. James knew it was time to propose.

A couple standing on a walkway rubbing noses together and smiling A young couple standing on a walkway next to a stone wall hugging and smiling

James planned a date to the Provo City Center Temple. While there, he and Rachel walked the gorgeous grounds. They talked about their future and then paused at the fountain. Rachel closed her eyes and made a wish while tossing in a coin. When she opened them, James was down on one knee, proposing.

A young woman in a short white dress smiling as her fiancee holds her and kisses her cheek A young couple standing in a wooded area wrapped up in each other's arms

The Elopement

Rachel and James’ big wedding plans were completely derailed by the Pandemic. Their ceremony venue, the Indianapolis Mormon Temple, completely shut down. With their wedding dreams dashed, it was time for plan B. The most important thing to Rachel and James was actually being married, not the wedding itself. They made the difficult decision to elope with only their parents and Rachel’s sister as witnesses. They had no idea when the Temple would open again and James and Rachel were anxious to start their new life together.

A young couple standing on a greenway in front of a pond, holding hand as they are eloping while their parents watch off to the side. A groom slipping a wedding ring onto a bride's finger. A bride slipping a wedding ring onto a groom's finger.

James wore his best suit and Rachel donned the cutest little white dress as they were married in a simple backyard ceremony. They stood on the banks of a little pond and exchanged rings while pledging their devotion. It could not have been any sweeter.

A groom kissing his bride's forhead just after they take their vows at a lakeside elopement. A bride and groom sharing their first kiss on a greenway in front of a pond. A close up shot of the hands of a young, engaged couple.

The Sealing at the Indianapolis Temple

The Indianapolis, Indiana Mormon Temple

The Indianapolis Mormon Temple finally opened just a few months after the elopement. Rachel and James felt recharged after enjoying their honeymoon and settling into married life. They reunited with their closest family members for their religious wedding ceremony. The happy couple was glowing with excitement upon exiting the temple. We spent the afternoon photographing the most gorgeous pictures around the grounds. Rachel and James’ love is so obvious that it made my job a dream to do.

A bride and groom exiting the Indianapolis, IN Mormon temple. A bride and groom kissing in front of the doors of the Indianapolis Mormon temple. A groom dressed in a blue suit with a yellow tie. A bride with waist-length hair standing in front of the Indianapolis, IN Mormon temple, holding a bouquet of blue hydrangea and yellow roses. A bride standing with her back to the camera, her waist length curly hair flowing down her back. A bride and groom standing in front of the Indianapolis, IN Mormon temple.

It was amazing to be able to connect with James and Rachel and offer them a way to remember this moment in their life. I was incredibly honored by the trust they put in me during such a significant time in their lives, made even more so because of Covid-19. I have no doubt they will have many wonderful stories to tell their children and grandchildren about their wedding(s) and I am thrilled that my photos will be there to help them do it.

A bride and groom hugging while standing on the ledge of the fountain outside of the Indianapolis, IN Mormon temple. A bride and groom holding each other while the groom is kissing the brides forehead with the Indianapolis, IN Mormon temple spires in the distance. A bride and groom sitting on the edge of a fountain outside of the Indianapolis, IN Mormon temple. A bride and groom sitting, surrounded by colorful flowers. A bride and groom walking down a lantern-lit pathway. A bride and groom kissing while standing amid planters filled with colorful flowers.


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