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Indianapolis Fall Wedding Photography: Emily and Jestin


Fall is hands down the best time of year for Indianapolis wedding photography! If you know anything about the mid-west, then you know the weather here is volatile. But autumn seems to be the most stable season of all, with comfortable temperatures and vibrant colors all around. It’s no wonder that brides all over Indiana choose fall as their preferred season to celebrate their nuptials. Today, I am sharing one of my favorite fall weddings from last season.

Emily and Jestin tied the knot at a sweet indoor/outdoor barn venue, surrounded by their dearest friends and family. This couple is more inclined to have a few life-long friends rather than tons of acquaintances, so they made sure to keep their wedding small and meaningful. I say, all the better! Nothing beats an intimate wedding because the connection between the couple and their guests and families are so magnetic. Keep scrolling to see how Emily, Justin, and their talented team of wedding vendors made all of their Indianapolis fall wedding and photography dreams come true.

Getting Ready

Staying true to her desire to keep her wedding intimate, Emily asked that only her mom help her get dressed. She selected one of the prettiest spaces at her venue that was filled with lots of natural light and exquisite interior design. Once she was fully dressed, we arranged a special moment for Emily’s best friend and a few family members to see her for the first time. Their reactions were priceless and Emily’s face completely lit up from all of the praise.

Jestin donned his wedding attire in a separate, but equally as enchanting, space. He, too, kept his company to his brother and his best man, who is also Emily’s brother. I cannot emphasize enough how amazing it is when couples choose to have small wedding parties. Smaller groups are just easier for everyone to handle and all of the focus stays on the bride and groom instead of being divided between the bridal party. 

The First Looks

There were three additional First Looks for Emily, besides the one she had with her ladies after dressing. The first two were with her dad and her only brother. These moments are always so tender and ones that I, as a parent, know moms and dads of all brides treasure. Emily and her family are very close so taking a couple of minutes for one-on-one time with each of them was high on her list of priorities. I thought it was especially endearing that she had a First Look with her brother, who definitely spared no emotion when seeing Emily for the first time.

The fourth and final First Look for Emily was with Jestin, of course. The joy on Jestin’s face when he saw Emily was life-giving. He really did me proud by leaning into his feelings and shedding a few tears at how beautiful she looked. 

The Newlyweds

The best part of a wedding day is when I sneak away with the Bride and Groom for their sweetheart portraits. Weddings are so busy and there are so many moving parts. Having time to connect, even while a photographer is giving posing instructions, is paramount. Selfishly, I adore sharing these private moments with my couples because it is such a special moment in their day. That newlywed glow shines so brightly and capturing it in photos for them to cherish is a wonderful experience.

The Bridal Party

As I mentioned before, Emily and Jestin kept their bridal party limited to only the most important people in their lives. I truly believe that they enjoyed their wedding experience all the more because of that decision. Everyone was so present and it was a breath of fresh air. Not to mention, they are all insanely charming in both the looks and personality departments.

The Ceremony

Jestin and Emily originally planned an outdoor ceremony, however Mother Nature had other plans. They held out as long as they could before having to make the tough decision to move their service indoors due to heavy rain. Luckily there was ample space and atmosphere inside their venue to accommodate. Friends and family lovingly watched as the two exchanged vows, rings, and an enthusiastic kiss.

The Reception

Even though plans went awry for an open air ceremony, the rest of the evening ran perfectly. Never has there been a happier couple or more adoring guests. From speeches to dancing, I couldn’t imagine a more ideal wedding for Mr. and Mrs. Mounts. My heart strings are always tugged on during the Parent Dances and this night was no exception.  A really special experience that we had was going outside for some night photographs of Emily and Justin. It’s not something I get to do most of the time, so it was exciting to be able to flex my off camera lighting skills. The fact that it was raining made it even better because I knew that the lights would illuminate the rain drops, making them look like floating diamonds or stars in the photos. I’m so grateful that Jestin and Emily trusted in me to turn the rain that spoiled part of their wedding into something that sets their wedding photos apart.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Emily and Justin throughout the entire process. They are such sweet people and so easy going and happy. It was great just being in their orbit. I love their wedding collection and I know that we will all have fond memories of our experience working together every time we look at them.

If you’re interested in booking wedding photography services in the Indianapolis area in the fall, or any season, make sure to contact me for more information!
















































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