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Greencastle, IN Wedding Photographer: Colton + Taylor


I’m, really looking forward to being a Greencastle, IN wedding photographer! Not only is there a really lovely, rustic wedding venue located in that area called Owl Ridge Wedding Venue and Event Center, it’s also only about 30-45 minutes from home! It would be such a treat to work close by.

While I was perusing photos online of the area, a wedding from last year came to mind. This wedding also had a rustic feel to it and reminded me so much of Owl Ridge, so I thought I’d share Colton and Taylor’s wedding today.

Getting Ready

Taylor made a morning of it with all of her bridesmaids, mom, and mother-in-law with breakfast and mimosas. The vibe in the hotel room where they were hard at work on hair and makeup was bursting with music and laughter. There was a sense of excitement and anticipation that was catching.

Taylor wanted to have a private moment with her mom while dressing, so her ‘maids scurried out of the room to finish dressing themselves. Taylor’s mom was absolutely beaming as she secured buttons, clasped jewelry, and placed the veil. Taylor then read a letter and opened a gift that Colton had prepared for her.

Taylor gathered herself after reading Colton’s letter, and then we invited her bridesmaids back into the room. They were so eager to see their bestie all dolled up for the wedding. These girls’ enthusiasm and tears was overwhelming in the best ways.

While all of this was happening in Taylor’s hotel room, Colton was on a separate floor having a similar experience with his groomsmen. These boys were amped and so supportive of Colton! Once he was dressed, Colton took a moment of privacy to read Taylor’s letter to him. He broke down in tears and I know Taylor would have been so touched to see that! Luckily I got a photo of a tear about to drip from the tip of Colton’s nose so they can both remember that moment forever!

The First Look

Colton and Taylor’s first look was probably one of my favorite moments from last season. Taylor was shaking with anticipation and Colton could hardly contain himself either. He burst into tears the minute he turned around and saw his lovely bride. Watching Taylor wipe the tears from Colton’s eyes was really touching.

The Couple

After the tears and excitement from the first look settled, Taylor, Colton, and I spent some time on their couple’s portraits. Their exuberance and love for one another and the moments they were sharing were so apparent. And they are such a handsome couple!

The Bridal Party

This rather large group of friends and family helped to restore my faith that big groups on wedding days can be fun to work with! Each individual was so effervescent, kind, and helpful. They really helped Colton and Taylor relax and lean into the festivities. I had so much fun sharing jokes and laughing with all of them. This bride and groom are so lucky to have such an amazing group of people surrounding them!

The Ceremony

Right before the wedding ceremony began, Taylor requested to have a quick first look with her father and step dad. These two men completely melted away at the sight of their baby girl.

The wedding ceremony took place outdoors and was truly touching. Taylor’s dad walked her down the aisle and her step dad officiated the service. This was one of the most stirring sermons I’ve ever heard and it was both tender and hilarious at the same time.

The Reception

The entire evening was full of love, laughter, fun, and great moments. After a long and somewhat grueling wedding season (thanks, COVID) Colton and Taylor’s wedding really was a breath of fresh air. My experience with them, their friends, and their family truly reminded me of why I love being a wedding photographer. I’m so thankful I met this couple and that I had the opportunity to serve them. Little did they know they would be doing me a great service as well.

If you’re getting married next year and are lo0king for a Greencastle, IN wedding photographer, make sure to submit an inquiry form! I would love to get to know you and hear all about your big wedding plans!

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