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Indianapolis Engagement Photographer: Five Reasons for Engagement Photos

Tips for Clients

Let’s be honest – very few people actually like having their picture taken. If I had a nickel for every time a bride warned me about her or her partner’s awkwardness in front of the camera…. I’m sure you know where this is going. If I had a penny for every Groom who was deeply dreading having engagement photos shot, well, I’d be equally as rich. But having an engagement session is SO IMPORTANT and I’m here to tell you why.


This point is a no brainer but it has to be said: You’ll never be engaged again! So why not document this incredible moment in time? A lot can change, even in the time between the engagement and the wedding day, so make sure to preserve every ounce of this exciting stage. Trust me – you will be so happy that you have these pictures to look back on and to share with future generations.


I have met so many couples who have met each other in the craziest circumstances. Circumstances that would have been entirely impossible even just twenty or thirty years ago. With access to the internet and international travel, there are no limits as to where one might find their soulmate. Couples are meeting online, moving cross country (or out of the country), and opting for intimate destination weddings. Sometimes the only introduction friends and extended family members receive to their fiancee is through their Engagement Photos. Many of my couples are choosing to create wedding websites where they display their photos, write bios, and include other important information pertaining to their weddings. This keeps everyone in the loop, whether they are able to attend the wedding or not. Being able to share a collection of beautiful Engagement photos that share their personalities and connection with one another is invaluable to my couples and their loved ones.

Ice Breaker

The Engagement Session is a really fun way to break the ice with your photographer! A lot of my couples book me after email exchanges and video consultations. The first time we are face to face is often at their Engagement shoot. Nothing beats in-person interactions and getting to know each other better is extremely important. I find this to be especially true for the men I work with. In my experience, women much more open and willing. Men…. not so much. Once we have chatted a bit, shared a few funny stories and “That’s What She Said” jokes, my couples warm up to me. Their photos, both Engagement and Wedding, are all the better for it.


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives! You’ve been planning and preparing every detail for months, if not years. You’ve agonized over seating charts, timelines, and centerpieces. But most importantly, you have made sure that all of your precious, once-in-a-lifetime memories will be preserved by a qualified and talented photographer.

Photographers are invited to share and document the most tender and intimate moments people experience in their lives. Could you imagine inviting a total stranger, someone whom you have never met in person or worked with before, to be a part of this? Trust me when I say that the bond we create at your engagement session will shred any amount of discomfort you might feel. This means you will be much more comfortable on your wedding day and your photos will be much more genuine and natural looking because of it.

Trust and Peace of Mind

It’s one thing to look through a photographer’s pretty portfolio and read the promises they make. It’s something completely different to have proof of that photographer’s capabilities. Through your Engagement Session, you will gain first hand experience of exactly how your photographer communicates, executes, and creates the final product; your treasured keepsake photographs. My couples have peace of mind on their wedding day because they know they can trust me to capture and create gorgeous photos for them. I’ve proven myself already. Having one less thing to worry about on your wedding day is truly worth it’s weight off your shoulders.

Bonus: It’s For Your Photographer Too

Even though putting myself out there and working with new people is something I do on the regular, I still get nervous. Through the Engagement Session, I get to know my couples and their personalities. I witness the dynamics of their relationship and discover what they are and aren’t comfortable with in front of the camera. I learn their angles and what kind of poses look best on them. All of this helps me to be able to work with precision on the wedding day, rather than trying to get comfortable with my subjects. This allows me to perform my duties at the highest level and produce the most artistic and beautiful photographs possible. Although shooting an Engagement Session benefits your photographer, it’s ultimately benefiting you.

I believe in the powerful benefits of Engagement Sessions so much that I offer every couple a complimentary Engagement Session when they book their Wedding Photography with me! If you’re getting married in the Indianapolis area, please reach out and we can see if we are a good fit. I can’t wait to meet you and photograph your Wedding and your Engagement Session!

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