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Sarah + Levi: Fall Engagement Photos


Fall Engagement Photos are something many of my Brides request because it is absolutely gorgeous here in Indiana during that time of year! The world is on fire with brilliant shades of green, orange, red, and yellow. The humidity has subsided and there is a chilly nip in the air. Fall is also the driest season of the four. Wrap all of this up in fuzzy sweaters and  pumpkin-spiced feelings of nostalgia and you have the makings for some truly amazing Engagement Sessions!bloomington-engagement-photos-_0005 Sarah + Levi: Fall Engagement Photos

Levi + Sarah

Levi and Sarah met at a cousin’s wedding and kept in contact through social media. They connected over their mutual love of the outdoors, animals, and going for drives while jamming to their favorite music. Levi finally proposed to Sarah after dating for about four years! He surprised her by popping the question while on a friends trip to the beach. Of course, she said ‘yes!’

Sarah is busy finishing up nursing school and preparing for her new job as a surgical trauma nurse. Levi is a mason and also coaches wrestling at their local high school. When their crazy schedules line up and they have free time, they love to dote on their pets, take long walks, and adventure together on boats or side by sides.

They are getting married in May and I can’t wait to celebrate with them! They have chosen to hold their ceremony and reception at City View at Sterling Square. This is a gorgeous industrial-chic venue, and reminds me a lot of FAR Center for Contemporary Arts in Bloomington, IN.bloomington-engagement-photos-_0006 Sarah + Levi: Fall Engagement Photos

Sarah & Levi’s Fall Engagement Photos

Sarah is one of my autumn-loving brides who is getting married this year! She and Levi met up with me in New Harmony for their fall engagement photos. Sarah and her family spend a lot of time in this quaint little town so it was top on her list of locations to shoot at.

We met up at Church Park where we had an adorable little shoot with Levi and Sarah’s Australian Shepherd, Tucker.  He was the best boy and so perfectly behaved for his photo op. I love it when my clients bring their pets to their shoots!bloomington-engagement-photos-_0001 Sarah + Levi: Fall Engagement Photos bloomington-engagement-photos-_0002 Sarah + Levi: Fall Engagement Photos bloomington-engagement-photos-_0003 Sarah + Levi: Fall Engagement Photos bloomington-engagement-photos-_0004 Sarah + Levi: Fall Engagement Photos

After an outfit change, Sarah and Levi snuggled up for a few photos against some of the lovely historic buildings in the area. One of my favorite things about this part of the country is the architecture so I always get excited when clients want to use historic locations for their sessions.bloomington-engagement-photos-_0007 Sarah + Levi: Fall Engagement Photos bloomington-engagement-photos-_0008 Sarah + Levi: Fall Engagement Photos bloomington-engagement-photos-_0010 Sarah + Levi: Fall Engagement Photos bloomington-engagement-photos-_0011 Sarah + Levi: Fall Engagement Photos bloomington-engagement-photos-_0012 Sarah + Levi: Fall Engagement Photos bloomington-engagement-photos-_0013 Sarah + Levi: Fall Engagement Photos bloomington-engagement-photos-_0014 Sarah + Levi: Fall Engagement Photos

Finally, we ended Levi and Sarah’s fall engagement photo session at Harmonie State Park. We used the old toll bridge that crosses the Wabash River as a backdrop and created some epic and romantic memories together.bloomington-engagement-photos-_0015 Sarah + Levi: Fall Engagement Photos bloomington-engagement-photos-_0016 Sarah + Levi: Fall Engagement Photos bloomington-engagement-photos-_0017 Sarah + Levi: Fall Engagement Photos bloomington-engagement-photos-_0018 Sarah + Levi: Fall Engagement Photos

I loved spending time with Sarah and Levi, getting to know them, and creating beautiful memories for them. If you’re getting married in Bloomington, IN and you’re looking for a wedding photographer, make sure to click on my Contact Page and hit submit!bloomington-engagement-photos-_0019 Sarah + Levi: Fall Engagement Photos






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