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Spring Outdoor Wedding: Cameron + Chloe


Spring outdoor weddings are where it’s at! If you know me, then you know that Spring is my favorite season. I deeply love fresh, spring green and pastel colors. Budding leaves, and blossoming trees and bushes make my heart sing. My top favorite flowers are all spring blooms. Honestly, I wish it could be spring year round. The ONLY thing that makes spring a bummer in my neck of the woods is the RAIN. This time of year is Indiana’s rainy season. Planning a Spring outdoor wedding is risky. You really have no idea what Mother Nature has in store. When the stars align and the weather gods are smiling though, the opportunity to photograph an outdoor wedding ceremony is thrilling!

Getting Ready

Chloe and Cameron originally planned a March wedding, but the virus-who-shall-not-be-named put a monkey wrench in their plans. Luckily they were able to gather with friends and family to celebrate their union just a few months after their original date.

Chloe spent the morning dolling up with her closest gals in the cutest loft. The space was both charming and drenched in natural light. When it was time for Chloe to don her wedding gown, we opened up the French doors in her room. This enveloped her and her girls in even more beautiful light. These ladies were all so sweet and full of cheerful laughter.

Cameron and his boys took advantage of a room down the hall from Chloe’s loft. He kept his group very small and it was such a breath of fresh air. As much as large bridal parties can be really fun, I truly love working with smaller groups. I think the experience for everyone involved is so much more relaxed when the numbers are few. The focus is kept on the Bride and/or Groom, where it should be. Just like Chloe and her ‘maids, Cameron and his men were uber cheerful and full of fun.

The Ceremony

There are two things that make outdoor wedding ceremonies the best: First, the light. Natural light makes everything and everyone look good. I’m not having to fight with funky color casts from stained glass windows or icky greenish tint in from fluorescent lighting in skin tones. The photos aren’t overly warm from wood interiors and overhead lights aren’t casting horrendous shadows on faces. All of the above are challenges with indoor church ceremonies. The abundant natural light available during outdoor wedding ceremonies make the photos as beautiful as my couples remember their day as.

Second, I’m not limited in the space I have to work with while taking photos during the ceremony. There are places at most churches that photographers are not welcome to stand. This makes it difficult for me to photograph the couple’s faces during things like candle lighting ceremonies or communion. I just cannot go where I need to shoot them. Outdoor ceremonies allow me to photograph the ceremony in 360 degrees, ensuring I document the details of the most intimate moments.

But, I digress.

The weather gods were truly smiling down on Chloe and Cameron’s wedding day because the weather was simply to die for. The small garden they chose to share their vows in complimented every detail beautifully. Their emotions were so strong you can’t help but smile when looking at the photos. It was a beautiful, spiritual, and poignant service and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room (mine included.)

The Couple

Working with Cameron and Chloe was an absolute joy! Their easygoing personalities and complete stress-free day was such a wonderful experience for everyone. They really seemed to let their guard down and just be in the moment. Chloe and Cameron are best-friends-turned-lovers and it is evident from every interaction how much they love and respect each other.

The pretty greenery available to us was so lovely and surrounded the new Mr. and Mrs. with the most ethereal setting. And the cute little church we found nearby added just a touch of historic architecture to really round out their collection of images.

The Bridal Party

Less is always more when it comes to the Bridal Party and Chloe and Cameron’s group is proof positive. The five people they chose to share in the most special moments of their wedding day were 110% present, helpful, encouraging, and joyful. These men and women represent the best of the best in Cameron and Chloe’s inner circle. I have to agree that they were a pretty special bunch of friends and family.

The Reception

Cameron and Chloe’s rustic/chic style was represented perfectly inside the reception space by pairing its natural wood interior with rich emerald greens and soft pink linens. Their venue was reminiscent of New Journey Farms in LaFayette, IN, which also has an outdoor space for weddings! My personal favorite touch was the asymmetrical eucalyptus garlands on a few of the tables. Another really charming detail was that Chloe had a family member prepare a couple of bundt cakes and homemade cookies for dessert. They also hired a local ice cream artisan to offer hand scooped sundaes to their guests.

When it came time for us to head into the reception, Chloe and Cameron were greeted outside of their venue with huge cheers of congratulations from their guests. An emotional wedding ceremony was followed up by equally emotion toasts by the Best Man and Maid of Honor. And just when I thought the crying was finished, Chloe had her dance with her dad and Cameron danced with his mom. What really had everyone in the room bawling their eyes out was an impromptu dance between Cameron and his Grandmother. I think my favorite photo from the entire night is one of Chloe dabbing tears from her eyes while she watched this sweet moment.

Chloe and Cameron are HUGE ice cream fans, so they decided to share a scoop in lieu of a wedding cake cutting.

The reception wasn’t all tears though! Chloe and Cameron spent the rest of the night dancing away. It was one of the best dance parties I have seen at a reception to date! I adored working with this couple and their wonderful families!

If you’re planning a spring outdoor wedding, I would love to hook up with you and see how I can help your wedding dreams come true!

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