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Fishers Indiana Summer Wedding: Reid + Alyssa


The best part about summer weddings, especially Fishers, Indiana summer weddings, is all of the glorious light that is available! It’s no secret that Indiana can be a somewhat gloomy and rainy state. During the summer though, we have the least chance of rain (although we still do get a lot of rain during this season) which means there is usually ample natural light for photography. So many golden afternoons are spent lighting up my pretty Brides and Grooms and it’s my favorite thing about summer weddings!

Getting Ready

Alyssa booked the most perfect Air BnB for she and her maids to get ready at. Not only was there so much light, it was literally right above her wedding venue. This gave her a lot extra time to relax and really take in every moment of the day because we weren’t busy scurrying from one location to the next. They were also able to enjoy mimosas all morning long while dressed in the cutest matching polka dot pj’s.

Alyssa’s mom helped her get dressed while all of her Bridesmaids did the same in a separate room. Taking a moment for just the two of them was very important to this bride and her mama. Once she was dressed, the Bridesmaids lined up for a special reveal of Alyssa all dolled up and ready for her wedding. These girls’ faces say it all!

Reid spent the morning just like Alyssa. He was surrounded by his Groomsmen, father, and future father-in-law. They razzed him just enough while he was getting dressed for some really cute photos. I was really appreciative, although Reid is hardly difficult to photograph. The camera loves him just as much as it loves his beautiful Bride!

The First Look + Portraits

Alyssa couldn’t keep the smile off her face as she slowly approached Reid from behind. I think one of the most adorable moments during their first look was when Alyssa eagerly looked over her shoulder at me asking if it was finally time to tap him on the shoulder. Her grin was so big and bright and her excitement was palpable. When Reid finally turned around, his smiled beamed just as brightly as Alyssa’s was. He immediately wrapped her in his arms and wiped away tears of joy.

Once Bride and Groom were composed, we easily moved into their Bridal Portraits. Their familiarity with each other and easy going personalities made the session go smoothly. Their portraits turned out timeless, elegant, and full of love; everything Bridal portraits should be.

The Bridal Party

The Bridal Party was tantamount to Alyssa and Reid‘s classy style and mild tempers. Each and every interaction was so positive and supportive. Likewise, every photo of this group became a work of art.

Dad’s First Look + The Ceremony

It was crucial to Alyssa to have a moment alone to spend with her father. It was very clear they have a strong bond. Her dad’s sweet melt down when he saw Alyssa is what wedding dreams are made of. I know they will deeply cherish the photos from their first look.

Reid and Alyssa welcomed their guests with an outdoor wedding ceremony. Her father escorted Alyssa down the aisle to Reid who was eagerly awaiting her. During the ceremony, Reid and Alyssa planted a unity tree. The best part about this moment was that someone didn’t think to measure the root ball of the plant before picking out its pot.  Reid and Alyssa giggled through the mishap and shrugged it off. It was a perfect representation of their relationship and how they take all that life throws at them in stride. It really couldn’t have been any more perfect. They closed the ceremony with an exchange of rings, vows, and an enthusiastic kiss. Then the new Mr. and Mrs. toasted their nuptials with signature cocktails and beer.

The Reception

Alyssa and Reid’s reception was held in a glamorous boutique venue, much like The Balmoral House in Fishers, Indiana. Their simple but elegant style was reflected in the artfully chic, curated space. One of my (always) favorite touches was their dessert table, overflowing with tasty confections.

Reid carried Alyssa over the threshold of their reception to the cheers of their guests. They enjoyed a lovely dinner, heartfelt toasts, and a lighthearted cake cutting before moving to the courtyard for dancing. Their night of celebration was so much fun and a flawless way to commence their marriage.

If you’re planning a summer wedding in Fishers, Indiana, I would love to talk to you! Fill out a contact form so we can discuss all of the amazing plans you have for your big day!

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