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Catholic Church Wedding: Peyton + Joe


I photograph a lot of Catholic church weddings in my area. The best thing about these ceremonies are that they feel rich with tradition, yet couples are still able to add their own personal flairs with musical numbers, readings, and whom they would like to include in their ceremonies. The ceremony photos turn out breathtaking f the church is bright and filled with gorgeous architecture and windows. Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Carmel, IN, is a perfect example of this.

Getting Ready

Peyton selected a very special location to get ready at on her wedding day. It was her grandparent’s farmhouse, a place she spent much of her youth at. While the inside of the home was a little too dark and cramped for photos, the backyard was simply perfect. Luckily Peyton was happy to take advantage of the natural light and airy scenery for her getting ready photos.

Joe and his boys were also happy to don their final details al fresco at the church where their ceremony was held.

The First Look

Joe’s face when he saw his Bride was 100% justified. Peyton was stunning. They greeted each other and quietly nuzzled among the quaint little garden belonging to the Parish house.

The Catholic Church Wedding Ceremony

Peyton and Joe‘s home parish was simply stunning. It’s one of the prettiest Catholic church weddings I have had the pleasure of photographing. The white walls, soft light, and soaring arches created the most beautiful ambiance for their sacred moment. I think the best part of the service was how Joe and Peyton sneaked loving looks at each other and their friends and family. You could see how giddy they were.

The Bride and Groom

I spend about an hour total photographing portraits of the Bride and Groom on a wedding day. It can be a little overwhelming for couples to spend that amount of time in front of my camera. I like to break it up into bite sized pieces throughout the day. If a couple is having a First Look, I will take about 15 to 20 minutes photographing a few portraits at that time. I’ll spend anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes after the wedding ceremony for Bride and Groom portraits, time permitting. Finally, if my couple is willing to sneak out after dinner or during open dancing, I’ll spend another 15 to 20 minutes for sunset photos.

Not only does this approach help maintain the couple’s stamina for photo taking, it also gives me several kinds of light to work with. Brides will usually take their veil off for the reception, so slipping away for a few minutes of sunset photos gives her another look. Plus, the light from the sun setting is just too scrumptious to pass up.

The Bridal Party

I take the Bride and her Bridesmaids out for portraits right after the Bride is dressed. Their hair and makeup are fresh and they are super pumped to have their photos taken. I’ll do the same for the Groom and Groomsmen, although they usually aren’t quite as enthusiastic about pictures. We come together later in the day, either after the Bride and Groom’s First Look or post Ceremony, for Group Photos. It always feels like a family reunion once the whole group is together. Peyton and Joe’s bunch was no exception.

The Reception

The reception hall was decked out from top to bottom for Joe and Peyton’s big party. Their families have been in the area for generations so their guest list was extensive. Special care was taken to make sure each guest felt welcome and included. They did a wonderful job designing unique table arrangements for all of their guests’ comfort and pleasure. Peyton and Joe and their guests danced, ate, and drank the night away under a canopy of twinkle lights and surrounded by love.

There is a wedding venue in Carmel, IN that reminds me a lot of the space that was featured in these photos. Iron & Ember is a newly renovated, all-season, full-service venue. Located at the Brookshire Golf Club in Carmel, I&E blends modern, industrial character with stunning natural light and picturesque views. If you’re booking your wedding at Iron & Ember, I would love to discuss photographing it!

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