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Summer Engagement Session: Marie + Kendall


Today I’m sharing this Indianapolis summer engagement session. Okay, technically we weren’t in Indy and it was September. Terre Haute is part of the Indianapolis area and the first day of Autumn isn’t until the end of September, so it counts! Although the heat and humidity in this area are at its peak this time of year, Kendall and Marie kept things light and airy with their breezy personalities and sincere love for one another.indianapolis-summer-engagement-session-_0010 Summer Engagement Session: Marie + Kendall

The Meet Cute

One summer evening in 2018, Marie was meeting her brother at a local pub to hang out. She was new to the area and didn’t know a soul besides him. When she found her brother among the crowd, he was playing a game of pool with Kendall. Nothing really came of Marie and Kendall meeting that night and they ¬†didn’t even exchange contact information! Little did they know the universe wasn’t finished with them yet.

About a month later, Marie got an alert on a dating app that she had matched with someone. Lo and behold, it was Kendall! Within three short months, Marie went from new kid on the block to soulmate. Kendall and Marie have happily been together ever since and thank fate every day for making it so.indianapolis-summer-engagement-session-_0011 Summer Engagement Session: Marie + Kendall

indianapolis-summer-engagement-session-_0014 Summer Engagement Session: Marie + KendallThe Proposal

Kendall and Marie planned a trip to Mobile, AL where Marie attended graduate school. She has so many special memories of her time in this area and wanted to share this part of herself with Kendall. On the last day of their vacation, while enjoying a leisurely afternoon on Marie’s favorite beach on Dauphin Island, Kendall bent the knee and asked Marie to marry him. He even got Marie’s friend involved by asking her to videotape the whole thing! When I asked Marie to describe Kendall in five words, the first word Marie used was ‘caring.’ Boy does this girl have him pegged! Kendall’s proposal was so thoughtfully planned and it was immensely meaningful to Marie. Of course, she accepted!indianapolis-summer-engagement-session-_0012 Summer Engagement Session: Marie + Kendall

The Couple

Marie and Kendall are literally the cutest! I absolutely adore their responses to some of the questions I ask all of my wedding clients to answer. Here are a few of my favorite highlights:

Q: What are your favorite things to do as a couple?

A: We like to put Youtube on the TV and take turns picking songs/music videos to play and just listen to music for hours. Most of the time Marie ends up dancing in the living room by herself while Kendall just sits and laughs.

Q: What is your ideal date night?

A: We make a bucket list every year of things that we want to do or try – so then it is always easy to figure out our date nights. We both love new adventures, new places, new people, and finding new random things to do.

Q: What are some fun or interesting facts about your relationship?

A: 1) We have a question of the day every day. This is where one of us asks the other a question about absolutely anything. It is fun because no matter how long we have been together we always come up with another question!

2)We both hate doing dishes. We almost never argue, but when we do 9 times out of 10 it is over dishes.

3) We have two cats, Noodles and Pesto. Ultimately we hope to get a dog one day and name it Meatball so we have an entire plate of pasta.

Q: What is the one thing (besides each other) that each of you couldn’t live without?

A: Busch Light

Q: What about your wedding are you most excited for?

A: Getting to show off how much we love each other and celebrating with our friends and family.


See. I told you they are adorable!

indianapolis-summer-engagement-session-_0013 Summer Engagement Session: Marie + Kendallindianapolis-summer-engagement-session-_0015-scaled Summer Engagement Session: Marie + KendallThe Engagement Session

I met Kendall and Marie at a local park in Terre Haute to photograph their engagement session. Kendall has a son, so it was important to them to make sure to include him in some of the photos. It was a pleasure meeting Sawyer and so sweet watching him interact with Marie and his dad. Once we were finished with Sawyer’s photos, Grandma and Grandpa came to pick him up so that we could focus just on the two love birds. We snuggled and laughed our way through the rest of the session, creating some truly beautiful photos together.indianapolis-summer-engagement-session-_0001 Summer Engagement Session: Marie + Kendall indianapolis-summer-engagement-session-_0002 Summer Engagement Session: Marie + Kendall indianapolis-summer-engagement-session-_0003 Summer Engagement Session: Marie + Kendall indianapolis-summer-engagement-session-_0004 Summer Engagement Session: Marie + Kendall indianapolis-summer-engagement-session-_0005 Summer Engagement Session: Marie + Kendall indianapolis-summer-engagement-session-_0006 Summer Engagement Session: Marie + Kendall indianapolis-summer-engagement-session-_0007 Summer Engagement Session: Marie + Kendall

I cannot wait to celebrate with Kendall and Marie at their wedding coming up in June! They are holding their celebration at The Main Event in Terre Haute, IN and I have no doubt it will be an event to remember!indianapolis-summer-engagement-session-_0008 Summer Engagement Session: Marie + Kendall indianapolis-summer-engagement-session-_0009 Summer Engagement Session: Marie + Kendall

If you’re getting married in the Indianapolis area, reach out and let’s chat! I can’t wait to see how I can help you make all of your wedding day photography dreams come true!

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