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Downtown Elopement: Corey + Ryan


The last few years have definitely changed the wedding industry. An increase in elopements was one of the positive changes that I witnessed.

Corey and Ryan’s darling downtown Indianapolis elopement was the perfect example of why I love this kind of wedding. And also why I just love love. We searched the picturesque streets for familiar and photogenic locations for their photos while they strolled hand in hand. These nooks and crannies served as the backdrop for the happiest day of their lives.

Ryan and Corey’s families were not able to be present for their wedding ceremony due to the pandemic. Luckily Corey is super tech-savvy and was able to hook up a wifi video camera so their loved ones could attend virtually. The parlor at the courthouse felt like it was going to burst with the overflowing of love that was felt, even though there was only four people in the room.

Once the I-Do’s were said, we headed outdoors to photograph some of the sweetest couple’s portraits ever. We stayed pretty close to the courthouse they were married at as their home is just a few blocks away. We even spent a little time shooting on their doorstep!

Ryan and Corey’s  enthusiasm and kindness created the most relaxed atmosphere for their session. Their adorable coordinating outfits and accessories were the icing on top of their wedding (cup)cake. I especially loved their matching bracelets which had the coordinates for the exact spot they were married at on them.

There are so many great spots in the Indianapolis area for elopements. Such a special moment in your life deserves an equally special backdrop. If you’re planning a downtown Indianapolis elopement, I would love to chat with you! I can’t wait to share some of my ideas with you!

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