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Fall Engagement Session: Maria + Eric


A fall engagement session is the best, especially when it’s with a couple as kindhearted and in love as Maria and Eric!

The Engagement Session

The weather was atrocious the day we were scheduled to photograph Eric and Maria’s engagement photos. The radar showed a break in the rain for just long enough for us to get the job done. We took a chance and timed our meet up perfectly. Maria and Eric nestled into each other’s arms amid fox tails, golden rod, and Queen Anne’s lace to create their collection of images. As soon as we were finished, it literally started pouring again! I’m taking our luck with dodging the rain as a good omen for Eric and Maria’s future!fall-engagement-session-in-fishers-indiana-_0001 Fall Engagement Session: Maria + Eric fall-engagement-session-in-fishers-indiana-_0003 Fall Engagement Session: Maria + Eric

How They Met

Even though there is a 16 (s i x t e e n) inch difference in height, Maria and Eric meet eye-to-eye in the intelligence department. Eric is a mechanical engineer and Maria is working on becoming a pediatrician. Their relationship began during their freshman year of college at the University of Evansville. Maria’s best friend introduced them and, in Maria’s words, “A few study dates in the library turned into forever.fall-engagement-session-in-fishers-indiana-_0004 Fall Engagement Session: Maria + Eric fall-engagement-session-in-fishers-indiana-_0005 Fall Engagement Session: Maria + Eric fall-engagement-session-in-fishers-indiana-_0006 Fall Engagement Session: Maria + Eric

The Proposal

Five years and several degrees between the two of them later, it was finally the right time for Eric to propose. Erica and Maria were visiting Lake of the Ozarks. Maria describes her dad’s cabin there as her most favorite place on earth. They went for a hike at HaHa Tonka State Park where Eric proposed with most gorgeous engagement ring. When Maria and Eric got back to the cabin, they were greeted by Maria’s best friend and family, whom Eric had secretly been planning the proposal with. fall-engagement-session-in-fishers-indiana-_0007 Fall Engagement Session: Maria + Eric fall-engagement-session-in-fishers-indiana-_0008 Fall Engagement Session: Maria + Eric

The Couple

This self described “meat and potatoes” couple are always on the go! Their favorite places and things to do are all outdoors. Eric is a “hobby king.” He spends his free time dirt biking, mountain biking, hunting, shooting archery, shooting guns, snowmobiling, fishing, restoring vehicles, weightlifting, and running. (Whew! I’m tired just thinking about doing all of those things!) Despite their difference in height, Maria’s stride matches Erics yet again. She loves golfing, boating, playing with dogs, and spending time with friends.fall-engagement-session-in-fishers-indiana-_0009 Fall Engagement Session: Maria + Eric fall-engagement-session-in-fishers-indiana-_0010 Fall Engagement Session: Maria + Eric

The Wedding

Maria and Eric’s wedding will be held this summer in Newburgh, IN. One of the things they are most excited about is sharing the sacrament of marriage at St. Ben’s. This church is so incredibly special to both of them. Especially Maria, who has been involved with this parish since she was in kindergarten. They know their nuptials are going to be the center of their day, surrounded by their family and closest friends. Both Eric and Maria say the one thing they couldn’t live without is family, so I can’t think of a better place for them to be on their big day. fall-engagement-session-in-fishers-indiana-_0011 Fall Engagement Session: Maria + Eric fall-engagement-session-in-fishers-indiana-_0012 Fall Engagement Session: Maria + Eric

I am so, so excited to be photographing Maria and Eric’s wedding! I actually photographed Maria’s brother’s wedding a few years ago AND my husband and her step father used to work together. Maria also used to babysit my kiddos when she was completing her undergraduate degree at U of E. Being able to serve her and her family on another very important day in their life is truly and honor I am really looking forward to.fall-engagement-session-in-fishers-indiana-_0013 Fall Engagement Session: Maria + Eric

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