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man picks woman and they smile at each other

April 29, 2020

Lisa and DJ are one of my amazing couples who were supposed to get married in May of this year. Unfortunately they have had to postpone their big day because of COVID-19 social distancing and shelter in place orders. It breaks my hear that they, and so many of my other clients, have been affected […]

couple walks in the grass in front of a pond in the snow

April 1, 2020

It’s April and officially wedding month for Chloe and Cameron! I’m so excited to finally take some time to blog their engagement photos! They turned out so pretty, despite the frigid temps. Maybe even because of them! (Note the pretty snow flurries and dramatic icicles in some of their pictures.) How They Met Cameron and […]

terre haute, indianapolis photographer - photos at the lake

February 5, 2020

I’m so excited to kick Wedding Season 2020 off with this adorable couple! Danielle is actually the sister of one of my 2019 Grooms, so it will be really fun to get together with their sweet family once more to celebrate such a wonderful season in their lives! How They Met Gary and Danielle went […]

couple in cubs jerseys in arena

July 17, 2019

Alex and Alaina met in High School and were friends but never dated. When they graduated, Alex moved to Texas to play college baseball and Alaina stayed here in Indiana to attend Indiana University. 5 years later, the two ended up at a mutual friend’s home when they were at home on Thanksgiving break. Alaina […]

A man and woman sit nestled into tall grass as they hug and kiss romantically

April 16, 2019

Vanessa and Nathan are such a dynamic duo! On the one hand, they are so kind, patient, and gracious. On the other hand, they could probably kill you before you knew what was happening! (I kid… sort of…) Vanessa and Nathan both have had a life long goal of working in law enforcement and they […]

A beautiful woman with long brown hair wearing a yellow dress sitting next to her fiancee as they look out over a lake

March 21, 2019

From the halls of their high school days to their trips to Rural King (because, popcorn), Peyton and Joe have had so many adventures together over their 6 year relationship! Countless hours have been spent discovering and enjoying the best chips, salsa and ice cream in town, binging Netflix, cooking up culinary masterpieces, and renovating […]

An engaged couple sitting on the runway in front of an airplane

March 14, 2019

When I met with Valerie and Eddie at our first consultation, they shared with me a piece of information that completely floored me. A couple of years earlier, I photographed Valerie’s cousin’s wedding. She was one of the bridesmaids and enjoyed working with me so much, she decided then and there she wanted me to […]

A couple sitting on the porch of a log cabin while they talk and smile

March 12, 2019

Carson and Tyler met in High School, when Carson was a Junior and Tyler was a Senior. They became best friends, and eventually began dating. (Hands down, that’s the best way to do it, my friends!) These two have now been together for 8 years and are so excited to finally get married in May […]

A bald man carrying a beautiful woman through a field

March 5, 2019

When I first met Caitlin, I was just floored by how gorgeous she is. But more than that, her personality is so warm and kind and she is the type of girl that you instantly want to be best friends with. She truly has an inner glow that radiates from her eyes and smile. I […]

An Asian couple standing in a green field smiling while the woman is holding a bouquet of flowers

January 29, 2019

Phuong and Jeremy met online and have been together for 2 years. Their first date was almost a marathon and they had instant chemistry. At the time, Phuong lived in Louisville, KY and Jeremy lived in Cincinnati, OH, so for the first year of their relationship Jeremy traveled to Louisville every week to visit Phuong. […]

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